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A New Dawn

This year marks a turning point for Gelli Aur. The Trustees and volunteers have taken on the challenge of restoring the estate, driven by a passion for preserving its historical and cultural significance. Their vision is ambitious yet rooted in respect for the estate's heritage.

The restoration project is a massive undertaking. It will involve the rejuvenation of the parkland, arboretum and gardens, and extensive repairs to the stable block, service quarters and the mansion house. The Trustees are working tirelessly, drawing on expertise from heritage experts, historians, architects, gardeners and the community to ensure the restoration is both authentic and sustainable.

Walking in Nature

Phase 1
The reopening of Gelli Aur is not just about restoring buildings, it’s about breathing life back into the estate and making it a vibrant part of the community once more.  We start with the opening on Saturday 13th July 2024 of the parkland, café, toilets and playground. This Includes restoring walks and pathways through the meadows and woodlands, and building an online community (website and social media) for better communication and transparency for all.

big trees

Phase 2
The restoration and maintenance of the arboretum. This is critical for preserving biodiversity, supporting ecological functions, providing educational and research opportunities, as well as enhancing cultural heritage and community well-being. As we face growing environmental challenges, the role of the arboretum becomes increasingly significant, offering a beacon of hope and a reminder of the enduring relationship between humans and the natural world.

Meeting Between Colleagues

Phase 3
Pursuing grant applications and funding to enable the Trust to evaluate the options available to resurrect/transform the stable block, service quarters and mansion house

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